Financial Statement and Federal Compliance Audit Reports

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Video*D/L*Report NumberTitleRelease Date
FIN-2017-6060 University of North Carolina Wilmington-Financial Statement Audit 11/16/2017
FIN-2017-6030 North Carolina State University-Financial Statement Audit 11/8/2017
FIN-2017-6092 University of North Carolina School of the Arts-Financial Statement Audit 11/2/2017
FIN-2017-6075 Western Carolina University-Financial Statement Audit 10/31/2017
FIN-2017-6095 University of North Carolina Hospitals at Chapel Hill-Financial Statement Audit 10/20/2017
FIN-2017-6065 East Carolina University - Financial Statement Audit 10/20/2017
FIN-2016-3400D North Carolina Department of State Treasurer-Financial Statement Audit 10/20/2017
FIN-2017-4620 North Carolina State Ports Authority - Financial Statement Audit 9/28/2017
FIN-2016-4900 North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Financial Statement Audit 8/28/2017
FIN-2016-8303 USS North Carolina Battleship Commission-Financial Statement Audit 8/18/2017
FIN-2016-6096 University of North Carolina Health Care System Funds-Financial Statement Audit 7/28/2017
FIN-2016-6740 Halifax Community College Foundation Inc.-Financial Statement Audit 7/21/2017
FIN-2016-6884 Surry Community College - Financial Statement Audit 7/13/2017
FIN-2016-4200A North Carolina Department of Transportation - Financial Statement Audit 7/6/2017
FIN-2016-8560A North Carolina 911 Fund - Financial Statement Audit 6/26/2017
FIN-2016-9101 The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.-Financial Statement Audit 5/23/2017
FIN-2016-6853 Mitchell Community College-Financial Statement Audit 5/3/2017
FIN-2016-6094 North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics - Financial Statement Audit 4/21/2017
FIN-2016-3400A Financial Audit of the Schedule of Employer Allocations and the Schedule of Pension Amounts by Employer-TSERS 4/13/2017
FIN-2016-3400B Financial Audit of the Schedule of Employer Allocations and the Schedule of Pension Amounts by Employer - LGERS 4/13/2017

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