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Key Facts

  • Audit more than $46 billion in state assets and $13.7 billion in liabilities each year. Audit each of the state’s 16 public universities every year and all of the state’s clerks of court offices on a rotating basis to ensure financial standards compliance. Audit most of the state’s 58 community colleges in rotation.
  • Audit 36 programs that contribute $21 billion in federal money to the state to ensure eligibility for future grants.
  • Closed nearly 700 cases of alleged wrongdoing reported to the Office of the Auditor since 2009. Released more than 40 investigative reports, which resulted in 20 referrals to law enforcement agencies.
  • Established a new culture of customer service and improved communication of audit findings to the General Assembly, the public and the media.
  • Created a new, full-time unit to conduct follow-up audits and audits requiring a quick response to legislative requests or other time- sensitive matters.
  • Improved efficiency in all divisions while audits have become increasingly focused on finding efficiencies and waste within government agencies.